Source code for genno.compat.sdmx

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Iterable, List, Mapping, Optional, Union

    from sdmx.model.common import Code, Codelist

[docs]def codelist_to_groups( codes: Union["Codelist", Iterable["Code"]], dim: Optional[str] = None ) -> Mapping[str, Mapping[str, List[str]]]: """Convert `codes` into a mapping from parent items to their children. The returned value is suitable for use with :func:`~.computations.aggregate`. Parameters ---------- codes Either a :class:`sdmx.Codelist <sdmx.model.common.Codelist>` object or any iterable of :class:`sdmx.Code <sdmx.model.common.Code>`. dim : str, optional Dimension to aggregate. If `codes` is a code list and `dim` is not given, the ID of the code list is used; otherwise `dim` must be supplied. """ from sdmx.model.common import Codelist if isinstance(codes, Codelist): items: Iterable["Code"] = codes.items.values() dim = dim or else: items = codes if dim is None: raise ValueError("Must provide a dimension ID for aggregation") groups = dict() for code in filter(lambda c: len(c.child), items): groups[] = list(map(str, code.child)) return {dim: groups}