SDMX (compat.sdmx)#

Package documentation

Note that this package is available in PyPI as sdmx1. To install the correct package, use:

pip install genno[sdmx]

To ensure the function is available:

c = Computer()
c.add(..., "codelist_to_groups", ...)
genno.compat.sdmx.codelist_to_groups(codes: Codelist | Iterable[Code], dim: str | None = None) Mapping[str, Mapping[str, List[str]]][source]#

Convert codes into a mapping from parent items to their children.

The returned value is suitable for use with aggregate().

  • codes – Either a sdmx.Codelist object or any iterable of sdmx.Code.

  • dim (str, optional) – Dimension to aggregate. If codes is a code list and dim is not given, the ID of the code list is used; otherwise dim must be supplied.