genno: efficient, transparent calculation on N-D data

genno: efficient, transparent calculation on N-D data#

genno is a Python package for describing and executing complex calculations on labelled, multi-dimensional data. It aims to make these calculations efficient, transparent, modular, and easily validated as part of scientific research.

genno is built on high-quality Python data packages including dask, xarray, pandas, and pint; and provides (current or planned) compatibility with packages including plotnine, sdmx1, matplotlib, ixmp, and pyam.


genno provides built-in support for interaction with:

Packages that extend genno include:



Copyright © 2018–2024 genno contributors.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0.


A 玄能 (genno or gennoh) is a type of hammer used in Japanese woodworking. The package name is warning, by reference, to the adage “When you hold a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”: you shouldn’t hit everything with genno, but it is still a useful and versatile tool.

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